BBS/radio adventures.

Well, another day fussing with the packet stuff. Something odd about my Linux system. If I initialize everything from rc.local nothing can connect out, but if I do it from a command prompt after Linux has loaded, things seem to work fine. A guy kj6m was asked me if he could connect to 9600 baud on 145.71, and honestly I wasn´t sure. I only found out about this strange issue with initializing after he asked me about this.

I´ve tried to connect to him, but nothing happens. I have no idea what the situation is with the antennas now. Nothing has been calibrated, but at least all the radios put out some kind of signal on the band now. So, I think from the software side things are mostly back together.

It´s just now that I need to start the packet software by hand when I reboot. Which isn´t that often, but is often enough to be irritating.