Fedora 29

And, well, my last hard drive died, died without a backup. But I did have an older backup, and I haven't been doing much here anyway, so was able to bring most things back fine. Put in Fedora 29, and this time it went pretty smooth. There's stories of some kernel issues with ax25, but so far seems fine. The tools installed, uronode, ax25 utilities, and fbb are all just come from the distro.

Ampr still needs to be compiled, ampr-ripd, but that worked fine. This probably should be in the packages, but it went okay. What I finally did spend some actually time on was getting things running with systemd in a non-insane way. I've always had stupid long scripts to startup this stuff, but now I've broken up all the pieces in systemd-sized bits. Mostly it's due to me figuring out more how to systemd, and how to shut down processes that it started it.

And I've learned my lesson with backups, so setting this thing up with a better soluition for this. Still poking at that, really. Back