Fedora 21. 64 Bits

And here we go. Fedora 21. It's just starting to come up. Looks like FBB is running. But I think ampr.org is off still. Going to take a look into that.

Well, it looks like ampr.org addressing is working. I need to switch from firewall to iptables, duh. I realize that it is somewhat masochistic being on Fedora, but in a way, the constant cycle forces me to backup and update my servers at least once a year. So I'm always on reasonably recent hard drives and modern code. It keeps this server from drifting too much into old obsolete stuff.

Looks like Brian is still working on uronode, so I pulled a copy of that. The flexd function didn't compile, but was a simple header tweak.

convers was working when I started it, but oops, something is odd, it didn't automatically. There's a quirk with that, I think. But I take that back. conversd is fine. I just had the execuable in the wrong directory.

But ooh, I think nrattach on Fedora is still broken. The one at the ax25 website seems to work. I started a discussion about this on linux-hams, but I guess nothing came of it.