Fedora 18. 64 Bits

Trying to move this system to the future, I've installed Fedora 18, the 64-bit version. Actually, with Fedora 18, a lot of ax25 stuff comes pre-compiled. Basically compiling the kernel or any of the ax25-utils is no longer necessary. This stuff just installs with yum and seems to work.

The bits of software I run that don't come are uronode -- and Fedora has 'node' with it and maybe that's good enough since I don't use flextnet, but anyway, I have that. Also, and this has no alternative, is f6fbb.

I found that f6fbb was using 'long' for some of the tables in its binary data files. So on 64-bit it was barfing. I made patch to change those long to int, and now it seems okay.

Other stuff, I'm not sure off. I think axip is working, but I'm not sure. My ampr.org ip is working, I think, but it's not optimal. At least the OS is running a modern version that I can do security updates to and keep current.

UPDATE:Well, turns out that on Fedora 18 the nrattach is broken. For some reason the code to actually connect ports is screwed. So I had to recompile this from source.

Also the ax25ipd doesn't have the latest patches for using the /dev/pts/ptmx style ports. By compiling this from source I was able to get this to work, I think. It's kind of a pain since the old pty's went away, though it does work.

In your ax25ipd.conf file you need.
device /dev/ptmx

Then run ax25ipd like this...

ax25ipd -c /etc/ax25/ax25ipd2.conf > out.txt
rm /dev/myttyq4 -f
cat out.txt | grep dev -m1 | awk '{print "ln -s "$1" /dev/myttyq4"}' | sh
kissattach -l /dev/myttyq4 axip2

What this does is it prints out the port created by ax25ipd and then the awk command sucks it out and links it to a symbolic link. The thing is that this only works with the newer versions of ax25ipd, which is not located on Fedora.

Get the latest at...

This code looks to have recent patches so it looks actively developed.