Usenet newsreader posting for FBB

I've been using the fbb usenet feature for awhile here, but it's always bugged me that I can't post. So I've made a few updates that allow posting. I haven't tested this out a lot, but it seems to basically work.

One of the issues with NNTP to BBS gateways is how to match newsgroup names to bbs distribution names. How I deal with this here is for the message I add the line.

Newsgroups: PACKET@WW

To each posting in the newsgroup. This way in newsreader software when you post a 'reply to Newsgroups' it sends message back to 'PACKET@WW' and then the distribution always matches the reply.

I also removed other information from the Subject lines, so that replies to nntp would not collect extra text.

If you simply post to a BBS newsgroup without any distrubution it creates a local message to the BBS. Maybe this is a little quirky but it hasn't been to big an issue for me using it. To change the distribution on a post to a newsgroup, re-edit the newsgroup name to include the the distribution. Change "Newsgroups: PACKET" to "Newsgroups: PACKET@WW"

source files updated by me.