Broadcasting messages to Kenwood PCT display

I thought it might be fun to have a command line to show messages from Linux on the display of TS2000's or other radios with Packet Cluster mode over the air using AX25.

I keep thinking there might be some use for this. Maybe I'll show 'cluster summit spots' on my packet ports. Or I was thinking of using this as some kind of crude pager system for Kenwood radios.

The code is very basic now. It seems to work. I am able to pop up messages on my TS2000.

Example: bdxcls sm "Hello Cluster"
For ax25 port 'sm'.

Also I just finished a short program to read in DX spots for a telnet DX cluster and then exec to bdxcls. I'm running it in Berkeley so that my 145.75 port now shows DX packet spots. It's not a full cluster, but just puts out enough information so that TS2000 and Kenwood DX cluster clients can print the messages. This code is in the 'clread.c' file.

bdxcls files.