BBS/ampr adventures.

Well, i think I'm pulling things together agai once again. Gary was bugging me about how my PBBS link wasn't working for over a year, and I have been crazy busy and nutty this last year do to a family situation. But I finally got around to checking this link. I had some issues on this side,

Something weird is going on with f6fbb. For some reason with an AX25 link I'm getting SIGPIPE faults. I put in a signal(SIGPIPE,SIG_IGN); and I still saw one of these faults. So I stuck in another signal call right before the place where it dies, and now it's been running awhile. It ran all night, though I'm not sure what happened. Maybe something buried somewhere is setting SIGPIPE back to default, but I don't where it is. Or maybe I just screwed up and ran the wrong version after I set SIGPIPE to ignore.

I think my website is again running. Hello to the vast throngs of people out there! (Chirp, chirp, chirp...)

Turns out that my old tunnel gave up, and I was too busy to fix this. But I just asked on the gateway list and someone gave me the correct IP to use to avoid SAFE filtering. And now everything was good in just a few minutes of work. Nice.