-- what is this?

Maybe you're thinking -- what is this thing? Why have another website at What is anyway? Well, I'm not the definitive expert on this. Really I'm just saying what I know, far as it goes.

Long ago, early in the internet, ham radio operators managed to get assigned to them a class-A block of IP addresses and the domain isn't that special -- but the Class-A IP addresses consist of about 1/256 of all availble ip addresses for the entire internet. We have anything that begins with

Basically is a network of gateways on the internet, which use the 44.xx.xx.xx addresses and connect radio ports or other ham radio related services to each other via either the internet or radio connections. Mostly systems are linked via internet, there's no ham radio-based RF backbone. But there are some small networks of ham radio machines that do connect via radios.

These ip addresses and the domain are generally available to ham radio operators, if you jump through a few hoops, basically. Me I got ahd assigned back when I was running jnos -- and they had been sitting dormant since the gateway went down at w6yx. I've gone through the process of becoming a gateway for these ip's to the network. The packets are tunneled to my PC here via servers generously donated for this purpose by people with big bandwidth.

For the most part, the ip's work just like any other ip. There's no technical advantage to this. The main difference is that I can identify other hams that come in here by their 44.xx.xx.xx ip's and sometimes this is used as a simple filter to check ham radio traffic. I can connect to other machines using my ip address, so they know I'm cool. Hehe. That's most of it.